The different types of sinus infections

March 25, 2012

types of sinus infection

Sinusitis, or

sinus infection

, is an illness that affects a lot of people. In fact it’s one of the most common disease out there, often going hand in hand with the common cold or the flu. It’s something that you probably suffered from at one point, or will later in life. The symptoms can be quite annoying, although the disease itself is typically not that dangerous, and mostly a sign that your body is fighting a nasal infection from a bacteria or virus. Sinus infection symptons can include things like head aches, fever, difficulty breathing from the nose, and getting tired easily. There’s several types of sinusitis however, and they are mostly distinguished by the amount of times they occur. Here’s the different types out there.

Acute sinusitis is the most common type of

sinus infection

, and occurs in many people, from kids to adults. These are the acute, or instant types that appear one day, as a result of an infection, where your sinuses are suddenly all filled up with liquid one morning. This type lasts just a few days, usually around 2-7 days, although some symptoms can last longer, but never more than a few weeks. To combat this type

sinus infection

, all you need to do is get some rest, although decongestants can help as well.

The next type is called subacute sinusitis and is very similar to the first one, except it can lasts from 3 to 8 weeks. This is a much more annoying type, since it can last longer, and this is where using some medicine can be a great help. You can use something like a decongestant or nasal spray, and your doctor may even recommend some antibiotics to help fight the infection. Getting a lot of rest will help you out in this case as well.

The third type is called chronic sinusitis and is common in allergy sufferers. This isn’t so much because your body is fighting an infection, but because of the allergy you’re suffering from. For example, someone may have all the symptoms of a sinus infection for a whole season simply because their bodies are allergic to a certain plant. Here, the solution is mostly to solve the allergy problem, which may or may not be possible depending on the exact case. Again, the typical sinusitis medications can help.

Finally, the last type is recurrent sinusitis, which simply means that you suffer from this type of sinus infection on a regular basis. There’s nothing different about each case other than they happen often. Here, you should see a doctor and find out if it’s an allergy, something in your diet, or if it’s some other type of disease. Otherwise, this can still be treated in the same ways. Obviously sinus infection is also a very annoying type of disease, since you get to deal with all these side effects over and over again.

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